Sunday, November 6, 2016

Watershed at Warwick

We almost did not make this outdoor music event. 

Our lives have been a bit chaotic and I just felt we should cool our jets and stay home for a bit.
Thank God The Hero managed to talk some sense into me .... 

Sunday morn saw us both diy-ing and doing kid/house stuff until about 1pm.

Feeling stoked with our domestic endeavours we  packed the car and headed to Warwick, leaving kids at home with plenty of food and promises to be home before bedtime.

We stopped for a quick bite along the way and arrived at Warwick around 3pm. What an incredible venue and a fabulous event. 

Left just after 6pm and snuck in dinner at Tigers Milk before I became edgy as it was getting late...Monday was looming I needed to get home!

But what an incredible afternoon - now safely stashed in the memory bank.

Good times always follow these two.

Getting my 'groupie' groove on with the band and the joke

Selfie time. You can never have too many.

The music was incredible, the company irreplaceable and the venue spectacular

These people add colour to my days. 

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