Monday, November 14, 2016

Mont Rochelle

The day has been looming for months....when I agreed to this race it totally seemed doable but, alas, training got away from me.

This was, without doubt, the most challenging run I have ever done. 9kms up the Franschoek mountain and then a sharp, fast descent all the way down on very shaky legs.

There were tears. There was swearing. There was abuse. There was blaming. But I did it ....with the Hero by my side....quietly absorbing the hits and encouraging me in the darkest times.

Starry-eyed and unaware of the extreme challenge ahead.

Still able to appreciate the view (around 3kms)

One of the few runnable areas on the ascent

The climbs are getting real.

Beginning the descent and starting to feel my legs

All I am *actually* thinking is how fast I can get off that damn mountain. But, yeah, great view.

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