Sunday, October 30, 2016

Let the Adventure Begin

Groote Post 13km - Darling

Pain of my past has harvested my heart
It has tilled the soil of my soul
Prepared me to love you
The depth of this new love, a gift;
Redemption I do not deserve

In my darkest moments I shook my fist
Wrestled and rioted in anger

But in the end it was not the end after all
Instead a continued great story
Of life, love, loss and redemption

In the winter of change
the chill can freeze your bones
and the memory of summer
a fairtyale with little meaning

but summer, she always comes
despite winters' harshest arrows

so sit by the fire
and feel the aching burn
wait for summer and when she arrives
let her melt your sorrow
may it become one with your joy

a beautiful collage of a future uncertain
but perfectly predestined.


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