Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Of coffee, mountains and men

Coffee. In the mountain. With my bloke. Bliss.

With 6 kids charging around. Somehow coffee just makes everything slow down for a moment. 

I won't forget the conversation happening when Faith took this picture:

Hero " Did you slip some whisky into the flask before we left?'

Adventurer "Wish! I do have gin in the fridge....next time for sure!"

I love us. We share so much besides our common grief.  Our relentless pursuit of happiness and our shared humour is one of the pillars of our relationship. Few people will understand how imperative it is for me to be alongside humans who bring out light and laughter and good vibes. Sounds trite but it is truth.

This day was a very difficult one, in ways few would understand,  but we did it. 
There was beauty in the brokeness which will need to become a safe place for us. 

We will never escape the relative destruction that marks our past but we can be grateful for the beauty we have been afforded and we can choose to nuture this new season with a tenderness and grace that comes from walking through deep pain, often tinged with regrets.

We have many, many difficult days ahead of us as we blend our families but I do believe we can make it happen. 

Not just survive, but thrive, as a family.

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