Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shimmy Magic

This night will remain etched in my memory forever. 

The Hero had invited me to join him and his friends to see Goldfish at Shimmy Beach Club.

I really wanted to spend the time with him AND I love a good night out so there was little hesitation on my part.

I met his best friends in the Uber on the way to the club....and there was some logistics as I realised I had left my ticket at home!! (actually my ticket was in my bag but I think nerves had me a bit rattled...!) 

Rach to the rescue as she logged into my gmail account and emailed me my ticket. Made for a very interesting Uber ride and the ice was broken. I really liked The Hero's friends which is always helpful.

The night went from good to insanely fantastic. I remember vividly trying to ascertain how I could possibly be able to have *so much fun* when just a few months before my life had imploded.

Suffice to say it was a great night.

Shimmy shining at twilight

The boys and I 

I knew something special was brewing

But not yet ready to face the inevitable

The girl and I

Thursday, December 17, 2015

First photo, first kiss

Noordhoek Beach

Sneaky photo taken by Kerrin....The Hero had been playing golf all day on the other side of the peninsula but was not going to miss the opportunity to do sundowners with a bunch of us on Noordhoek beach.

The sun set, darkness fell upon us and he drew me in for our first kiss just before the boardwalk to the carpark. 

Magic. :-)